Growing Pains

6/25/23 UPDATE - Problems fixed and both black and white speaker stands are back in stock. 

NoBox is a small business run by three humans who are learning as we go. Things were off to an excellent start, but we recently hit a few bumps, and we wanted to share what’s going on and what we plan to do about it.

Incorrect Stands

The latest restock from our supplier arrived with errors. The post wasn’t made correctly, and it caused the post to sit wonky in the base, which means our HomePods can’t stand proud. Neil has made an update to our part order that will resolve the problem.

Off-center Heads

The other issue has been with the heads. Some arrived slightly off-center, and we determined that the problem arose from how the fabricator handled the welds. Neil has used 3D printing to create a jig that the welders can use to ensure everything is aligned. 

Warped Bases

Some of you received warped bases, and we traced this to the fact that they were drilled and countersunk manually on a drill press with inadequate support rather than fully supported on a punch laser, as specified on the drawing. The hole making process has now been corrected.

Packing & Shipping Errors

One of our biggest challenges is getting the HomePod stands to you. Each box is packed by hand and unfortunately, our last shipments did not arrive to most of you intact. Heads got cracked where the arm meets the ring and the extra screw we sent along with double orders came loose and was often lost during shipping. Our boxes aren’t sturdy enough, and we haven’t yet devised a system that we can be sure will get them to you undamaged. Future orders will come with designed foam packaging, but that solution is still a few months out. Until then, we must find a way to pack our corrected stock securely when it comes in. This may look like orders coming in multiple boxes. 

Can you still order a stand?

Yes. But we cannot fulfill orders immediately. We are working on getting a date from our fabricator. Between now and then, we will be iterating on our packaging. Orders are still coming in, and we are incredibly thankful for each one. We are so excited to get these HomePod Stands to you so you can showcase your HomePod in a way that honors its design and audio capabilities.

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