NoBox is just serious enough

NoBox isn't so much a store as it is a platform. Sure, there will be some cool things to buy, but we don't really see ourselves as a store. Our founder, Uma imagines, builds, and writes lots of things. Some of these things are startlingly good. NoBox is her place to share those ideas with the world.

Our Purpose

Ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is everything. NoBox is a business that celebrates having an idea, refining it and seeing it through to delivery. This is what we want our daughter to learn. We want her to be empowered to bring things into the world ethically, transparently and to have the confidence to lead a team to do the same.


Our young founder Uma loves a book called "Not a Box." The main character looks beyond the obvious to make magic happen. Uma's sense of imagination combined with some inherited mechanical skills allow her to be a thinker, a maker, and a doer. When you say "Yes, and" anything becomes possible and there is no box.

Design Process

Every object has its origin story, but in general NoBox offerings go from Idea > sketch > CAD > 3D print > prototypes and then back and forth a few times to finalize the design. The NoBox team thrives on continuous improvement and sometimes it's hard to know when we should be done.

  • Meet Uma, Our Founder

    Whatever we write here will change soon because tweens, but for now Uma enjoys making notebooks, designing online classrooms and making pop up cards from scratch. She loves to reread her favorite books, explore fandom memes and love on the family dog.

  • Meet Neil, Our Engineer

    Neil Deshpande is an engineer by training and a Renaissance Man in every regard. He'd have been an architect or an industrial designer if those would've been career options. Currently he's a partner with eta consulting, a Lean consulting practice.

  • Meet Moria, Our Marketer

    Moria Deshpande is an advertising person who is giddy about finally getting to be the client. She enjoys giving a voice to NoBox and getting fully immersed into the intricacies of ecommerce.