NoBox Customer Spotlight: Charles Humble Reviews NoBox HomePod Speaker Stands

NoBox Customer Spotlight: Charles Humble Reviews NoBox HomePod Speaker Stands

My journey to the perfect home entertainment setup

By Charles Humble

The road to my perfect home entertainment sound setup has been long and winding.

My home setup has unique challenges. There was no good place for the TV unless I wanted to mount it on the wall above the mantle, and we had zero interest in that. But the builder created an eye-level nook recessed into the fireplace wall ideally suited for a big-screen TV. Along the way, I’ve tried numerous soundbars and conventional wired speakers.

Six months ago, I kissed the last of the wannabe sound systems goodbye. I already had four Gen1 HomePods when Apple surprised everyone by announcing the new Gen2 HomePods.The Gen2 HomePods support of HDMI’s eARC interface was the missing link that allowed them to work perfectly with my cable TV box and 3rd-generation Apple TV 4K. Now, I can embrace the HomePod as the perfect home entertainment sound choice.

Then came the massive dilemma: where to place the speakers? The HomePods aren’t picky about where you put them as long as it’s not boxed inside a closed shelf or up against a wall. Because the TV isn’t sitting on a credenza, an easy solution was not available.

My obvious (and only) choice was to find stands for the new HomePods. Easier said than done. I started by jury-rigging a pair of traditional box speaker stands. Other than being a tad too short (26 inches high), they worked OK. I thought they sounded good. Little did I know. Ugly and clunky, yes, but the only solution I could find. I wanted them to be ear level while sitting down – about 30 inches and unobtrusive. The search continued.

For months, I searched “HomePod stands” on Amazon, Etsy, Reddit, and any other places I could find. I daydreamed about improvised solutions. Nothing seemed satisfactory. Either the vendor was flaky, or the stands were made to fit only the Gen1 HomePods, or they were manufactured in Europe with exorbitant import and shipping fees.

Desperate, I tried some wall-mounted brackets. After drilling holes in my wall, alas, the HomePods smashed up against the wall sounded awful. I then repurposed a pair of small pedestal plant stands. Too short and too clunky. My search convinced me that there was an obvious market for dedicated HomePod stands that needed to be met.

Fortunately, I heard about NoBox and found its website. With caution, I reached out. Could these be the elusive HomePod speaker stands I was seeking? I sent an email with my initial questions, which were promptly answered. I soon found myself in a back-and-forth email conversation with NoBox’s owner. One by one, myquestions were answered. My last question was a simple one – how did they sound?

I was concerned that the small base on the NoBox stands would somehow rob the HomePods of their ability to produce optimum sound quality. I took the plunge and ordered a pair of stands. Then I waited and waited, but I was getting regular updates over the several weeks it took for them to arrive. When they finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to assemble them and put them to the test.

Assembly was easy. Basically, two screws! Hurray to being up and running, though messing with already connected HomePods has its challenges. Thankfully, the Gen 2s unplug from the back, making it easy to thread the power cord through the openings in the stands’ center pillar.

Then came the best part – the sound! OMG, THE SOUND!!!! My HomePods leaped to a new dimension of sound quality – bigger, richer, brighter, and even more room-filling. I have them in a large open space room that is about 25 feet square with a 10-foot ceiling. I’m writing this from the back of the space, and the speakers sound like they’re right in front of me. I’m hearing every nuanced detail, every instrument.

The HomePods are plenty capable and, ultimately, the star of the show, but the unsung heroes are these speaker stands. They’re attractive in a minimalist way. They don’t add clutter to my space even though they reside on either side of the TV. They are the perfect height for maximum sound quality and enjoyment. They are well-constructed and sturdy.

I couldn’t be more pleased. This solution may not be perfect for everyone. But it’s great to know that there is a solid solution on the market. And the big bonus is not only that they look great; they will actually enhance the sound of your HomePods.

Besides NoBox being a quality product, I also felt good about the purchase process. NoBox service matches its product. Rarely can you even get a vendor to respond, much less get a prompt response. I’m super happy with the NoBox HomePod stands and will enjoy them for years to come.

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