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Gen 1 and Gen 2 HomePod Stand

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HomePods are amazing, but where do you put them? They would get dirty if you set them on the floor, and the sound isn't that good. If you put them in cabinets or shelves, you have cord and vibration issues. Our stand can help. 

Our HomePod Classic stand isn't just a secure display solution. Having your Homepod on a raised stand makes it sound better than if it's just sitting on the floor or too close to a wall and blocked by other objects.

The stand makes it easy to move the Homepod, and the power cable is concealed within the post, so it's less of a trip hazard. Our NoBox engineer placed the rings carefully so they don't block any of the HomePod speakers or microphones.

We wanted it to be not too short and not too tall. The solution turns out to be 30" tall, which is a good height for listening while seated and comfortable for touching the top control pad while standing.

It also needed to be strong. The entire stand is made from steel and held together by screws that make it a solid-feeling assembly that feels right for the weight of the HomePod and HomePod 2. The NoBox HomePod speaker stand is sold individually. If you have a setup with two HomePod speakers, please order two.